Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2022 Review: Cheap And Mostly Reliable

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If there is one synthetic urine kit everybody knows about, it’s the Quick Fix. Quick Fix is the most widespread fake pee because of two facts:

  • It has been on the market for 5+ years.
  • It’s readily available online.
  • It’s much cheaper than the best synthetic urine; it costs less than $50.

It’s no wonder that Quick Fix has become so popular. However, there are still people who wonder if Quick Fix is any good, if it works 100% of the time and if this synthetic urine trick is actually real.

the most popular synthetic urine on the market is quick fix
Quick Fix is very popular because it costs less than $50 per kit.

No worries there; synthetic urine is the real thing. For years now, people have used it to pass a drug test, and Quick Fix is probably the cause why people don’t have such a scare of drug tests anymore.

In this Quick Fix review, we’ll look at both pros and cons of using Quick Fix synthetic urine, and we’ll see how it compares to other synthetic urine kits.

TL:DR; Quick Fix is cheap and popular but not 100% reliable. You can pick a better alternative, but it will cost you an extra $40 or so. You can check the current price here.

Pros Of Quick Fix Fake Pee Kit

It’s not hard to see why Quick Fix is so appealing. Every kit should produce a solution that tests as authentic urine, and Quick Fix accomplished that very well.

Compared to authentic urine, the fake pee solution from the Quick Fix kit has the same…

  • pH.
  • Specific gravity.
  • Urine color.
  • Urea concentration.
  • Uric acid concentration.
  • Creatinine concentration.
  • Nitrates concentration

… as authentic urine. Given that urine drug screening measures all these quantities to see that the urine is authentic, the Quick Fix checks every box.

Most of the best (and more expensive) synthetic urine kits do that as well. So, the main appeal of Quick Fix is simple:

You get the higher-than-average reliability at a below-the-average price.

With Clear Choice’s Sub Solution, for example, you do have practically 100% reliability. But it costs $80. Quick Fix, in comparison, comes very close to 100% (but not 100%), and it costs only $40.

It’s also readily available. The online store that sells Quick Fix, for example, will ship it to your door within 3 days.

On top of all that, it also has a pretty decent track record. A track record is the main thing that proves if a synthetic urine kit works or not. The 5+ years of Quick Fix track record is the best guarantee you can get that this fake urine kit will work well.

Cons Of Quick Fix Fake Urine

Well, when buying synthetic urine, you would rather get one that hasn’t failed thus far.

Unfortunately, Quick Fix failed some years ago. That’s not a good look.

Apparently, the creatinine level was too low, and people had to redo the drug test because their Quick Fix sample was thought to be ‘too diluted’. That’s not half as scary as it sounds. In 5+ year history, to have only one failure is quite a success.

Many other low-cost synthetic urine brand failed several times. Nonetheless, when you think about buying Quick Fix fake pee, you should have in mind that it’s not 100% guaranteed success. It is above 95%, but there is still a slight risk there.

Comparison With Other Cheap Synthetic Urine Kits Like UPass And Xstream

Of course, Quick Fix can’t match premium (and more expensive) kits like Sub Solution in reliability.

However, it does make sense to look at how it compares to other low grades cheap synthetic urine kits. Examples of such are Upass, Xstream, Simple Solution, Pure Ultra, and so on.

Here the Quick Fix is the undisputed champion. All of them cost less than $50, but only Quick Fix has a reputable track record. There is no question which is the best cheap synthetic urine kit. You can get check where to buy synthetic urine here.