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Best Synthetic Urine Kits 2024 Review: Top 4 Fake Pee Brands

Yes, it’s true. Synthetic urine has become the most popular way of how to pass a drug test on short notice. Pretty much everybody uses it nowadays purely because it’s so effective.

The formula is simple: If you know you’re pissing hot, your urine sample with 100% test positive for drugs. The best synthetic urine, on the other hand, always tests negative.

In fact, Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory has conducted a test. 8 guys who have been using marijuana were tested; they all presented synthetic urine instead of their actual urine. Here are the results:

All synthetic urines screened negative in the drug immunoassay and additionally passed the specimen validity testing (SVT) as authentic urine. (Source: Drug Test Analytics, 2019 Feb;11(2):331-335.)

Results surprised no one. Synthetic urine is a lab-made solution designed to test as authentic urine. The best synthetic urine has the same chemical composition (concentration of urea, uric acid, and creatinine), pH, specific gravity as authentic clean urine.

You already know that there are numerous different fake pee brands out there. As with everything, some are better than others, and when it comes to passing a drug test, you really don’t want to put all your hopes in the cheapest one with questionable reliability.

That’s why we gathered a few of the best synthetic urine kits in a list below. These have been around for at least 5 years, have a proven track record, and are considered the most reliable.

Reliability, of course, is the most important factor when it comes to which synthetic urine kits are the best.

Comparison Of The Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Every synthetic urine you buy (most of them are available in online shops) comes in the form of a kit. You usually get:

  1. Plastic flask. That’s where you mix and carry the fake urine.
  2. Powdered or pre-mixed synthetic urine.
  3. Temperature booster. Its vital synthetic urine has room temperature; 92°F to 100°F is perfect.
  4. BONUS: Thermometer. To check if the temperature is ‘in the green’.

Here is the full comparison of the best synthetic urine kits that have been on the market for 5+ years:

Synthetic Urine Kit:#1 Clear Choice Sub Solution #2 Quick Luck Synthetic Urine#3 Quick Fix 6.2 Urine#4 TestClear Powdered Urine
Track-Record:17+ Years2 Years10+ Years5+ Years
Reliability:5 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars3.9 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars
Formula:5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5 stars4 out of 5 starsN/A
Heat Activator:YesYesNoNo
Shipping: 1-2 Days1-2 Days3+ Days2+ Days
Review:4.8 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars3.8 out of 5 stars3.6 out of 5 stars
Where To Buy:

Buy at TestNegative

Buy at TestNegative

Buy at Quick Fix

Buy at TestClear

1. Clear Choice Sub Solution (Unbeatable Synthetic Urine Kit)

Sub Solution synthetic urine is the only one with a spotless 100% effectiveness track record. The mere fact that it has been around for 15+ years is a testament to its quality. Nowadays, it’s the go-to synthetic urine kit pretty much everybody uses.

Clear Choice, the company that makes Sub Solution, has the most reliable fake urine with an untarnished reputation. It’s effective, simple to use, and they upgrade the formula every year to give everybody peace of mind when using it.

Here is what the best synthetic urine kit in 2024 looks like:

best synthetic urine in 2020
Sub Solution is the go-to synthetic urine because it’s the most reliable, and it comes with a patented heat activator. You can get the Sub Solution here.

The one distinct advantage Sub Solution always had compared to all other synthetic urine kits is the simple-to-use but sophisticated temperature booster.

The first thing every lab tech checks when he or she gets the urine sample is the temperature. Normal urine comes from our body and has body temperature. Synthetic urine has to have that body temperature as well.

Every goal of every synthetic urine producer is to help you raise the temperature of fake urine. Some recommend 10 seconds in the microwave (too risky) or using heat pads (somewhat useful). Clear Choice has developed the most elegant solution (and it’s patented, by the way).

You get heating granules in the kit, you pour them into the solution, and the temperature rises. Plus, you get a temperature strip on the plastic flask, so you know when you’re in the green (between 92°F and 100°F).

In essence, when people talk about synthetic urine, they usually talk about Sub Solution. If you’re in a tight spot, the Sub Solution is your best way out. You can buy it here.

2. Quick Luck (Most Advanced 2024 Fake Pee)

Quick Luck doesn’t have 15+ years of successful track record per-se. It’s only been launched in 2018 but has high reliability. The reason for that is simple: it’s based on the Sub Solution.

In fact, Quick Luck uses the Sub Solution formula for synthetic urine. That alone ensures you’re using the best synthetic urine solution; it’s both upgraded yearly, tested-heavily, and reliable in general.

So what’s the difference between Sub Solution and Quick Luck? In short, 2 heat pads and $20. With Sub Solution, you get the heat activator that brings the temperature up to body temperature. Quick Luck, in addition to the heat activator, comes with 2 heats pads you can use to sustain that perfect temperature. Here’s the whole kit:

quick luck one of the best fake pee kits
Quick Luck is basically a Sub Solution pre-mixed synthetic urine with the addition of 2 heat pads to sustain the temperature. It does cost $20 more, however.

The kit, in itself, is the most well-rounded one. You have everything you might wish for all in one package. However, the addition of those two heat pads increases the price by $20, which is not optimal.

Nonetheless, because of the Sub Solution formula, Quick Luck is still way more reliable than Quick Fix, for example. You can get Quick Luck here.

3. Quick Fix (Cheap, Popular, But Not 100% Reliable)

Quick Fix is one of the most well-known synthetic urine kits. The reliability is quite good, but that’s not the reason why people who have passed a drug test with it know it.

It’s the price. Sub Solution and Quick Luck can be quite expensive for some. Quick Fix synthetic urine, on the other hand, is quite reliable, and it costs less than $50. That’s quite a strong incentive to buy it, especially if you’re tested on a regular basis.

For example, some people are tested 2 or even 3 times per year. Synthetic urine works fine, but if you buy the best one – the Sub Solution – you’re looking at a $240/year price point. On the other hand, if you use Quick Fix, you will pay less than $150 for 3 kits. Here is how one Quick Fix looks like:

the most popular synthetic urine on the market is quick fix
Quick Fix is very popular because it costs less than $50 per kit. You can get it here.

Unlike other cheap synthetic urine kits, Quick Fix is quite reliable. The problem with cheap fake urine is that the very concentrations of uric acid, urea, and creatinine that need to be exactly right, just aren’t. They commonly lack enough creatinine to produce a 100% negative drug test in all cases.

Even Quick Fix has its several failures in the past. That’s why the new upgraded 6.2 version has enough creatinine to pass a 20 ng/ml panel THC drug test with a higher level of certainty.

All in all, Quick Fix may be a good cheap alternative to Sub Solution but isn’t as sure a thing (at least historically speaking) as the more expensive synthetic urine kit.

4. Powdered Urine Kit (Real Dehydrated Human Urine)

A powdered urine kit is one of its kind. In fact, it’s not synthetic urine at all; it’s actually clean human urine. It’s been dehydrated (to prolong its use), and it can quickly be rehydrated simply by adding water.

Without dehydration, the urine would go stale. A good example is if you leave your own urine at room temperature for 10 minutes. It will become stale, smelly, and change the color – such urine will never pass a drug test.

Testclear, the company that makes the powdered urine, finds that the dehydration-rehydration process is the perfect solution for the urine not to go stale. Here is the kit that includes the powdered urine:

powdered dehydrated urine made by testclear that is a great alternative to using synthetic urine
Powdered urine is real human urine that has been dehydrated to prevent it from becoming stale. To use it again, you need to rehydrate it by adding water.

Here are the step-by-step instructions by Testclear that focus on how to use powdered urine:

step by step instructions of how to use synthetic urine kit

You can see that they too have figured out how to heat it – by using hand warmers. It’s not the ideal way, but you can get the real human powdered urine and the whole kit for about $50, which is $30 less than the best synthetic urine – the Sub Solution – costs.

You can get the powdered urine at TestClear.

List Of Less Reliable Synthetic Urine Kits

There is a whole number of copy-cats in the synthetic urine industry. Because synthetic urine is so effective and widely used, new synthetic urines are springing left and right. Of course, the key question is this:

Are they reliable?

Theoretically speaking, there even might be. But the true reliability is only proven by a successful track record, which new synthetic urine kits obviously don’t (can’t) have.

Practically speaking, their primary selling point is that they are cheap. They cost $30 or even less. This is a kind of a red flag that should give you a pause. It’s hard to find rock-solid certainty using $30 synthetic urine in a world where certainty is exactly what you want to pay for.

These lesser-known brands include:

  • Upass synthetic urine.
  • Magnum X urine.
  • Dr. Green X urine.
  • Simple Solution urine.
  • … and so on.

They do have some clever names, but reliability and trust do take time. First, many people need to pass a drug test with these kits to know they are trustworthy. You don’t really want to be a white test bunny when your future is at stake.

Final Verdict: You Really Want No Surprise

All in all, trustworthiness, credibility, and reliability are what makes specific synthetic urine useful. If you don’t have certainty it will work, you should steer clear.

You have that certainty with the best synthetic urine – the Sub Solution. Being widely spread and used, you know you’re using a useful kit to ensure you won’t fail a drug test. Alternatively, you can also look in some devices like the Urinator device with 3 powdered urine kits.

Other lesser-known brands might be cheaper but don’t have the necessary track-record to prove they are effective. The best advice is to stick to the kit that’s working, have a successful track record, and put the price secondary.