The Urinator Review 2024: Ridiculous Or Perfect For Drug Test?

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Here the deal: You really need to pass a drug test.

You pretty much know that you don’t have time for detox (if that even works). Your only sure way out is synthetic urine that comes with a whole lot of other problems (how to keep it warm, hidden, etc.). The Urinator device is designed to help you as an all-in-one synthetic urine + urine heater and transporter.

You might be wondering:

Who actually uses that? The whole ‘put the battery-heated synthetic urine in your junk’ thing sure sounds ridiculous. Just so we’re clear; there is nothing really appealing about the Urinator device, with that small exception:

It works brilliantly. Labs usually detect either:

  1. Bad synthetic urine (low creatinine levels is a sure give away).
  2. Lower-than-body temperature (below 90°F) of the synthetic urine solution.

No one can detect good synthetic urine when it’s exactly at the right body temperature (92°F to 100°F). And that’s exactly what the Urinator device is.

the urinator review
Whole Urinator package with the vinyl IV bag, thermometer, batteries, syringe, and 3 packs of real powdered urine.

Yes, it has batteries (won’t zap your junk, if you’re afraid of that) to keep the temperature in the green. It can be a bit sloshy when in your pant. But want to know the best part?

It works surprisingly well. That’s why more and more people are buying the Urinator at the official TestClear store (obviously, you can snatch yours there as well, you even get 3 bonus real powdered urine kits with the purchase) and using this ridiculous device to help them pass a drug test.

BONUS: Those 3 powdered urine kits mean that you can reuse the Urinator and pass the test 3 times.

What Is The Urinator Anyways?

In essence, the Urinator is a vinyl IV bag filled with synthetic urine that can pass a drug test in 100% if it’s at the correct temperature. To get to the correct temperature – the body temperature – you get 2 9V batteries.

Here’s the most important part:

The 9V batteries can sustain the correct temperature (between 92°F to 100°F) for up to 4 hours. That is the main feature and advantage of the Urinator compared with a simple synthetic urine kit.

Without the Urinator, people try to hold their fake pee bottle close to the body, use microwaves or even heating pads to keep it work. In some cases it works, in others, it doesn’t, and people get called out for low-temperature urine samples all the time.

When assessing the Urinator, you can see that it might look ridiculous, but it does what no other things can do:

Guarantee the correct temperature of the fake pee sample. Let’s look at how you use the whole device:

How To Use The Urinator Device? (Step-By-Step Instructions)

There are 3 things you want to achieve when you prepare the device. These are:

  1. Prepare the urine sample from the 1 of the 3 powdered urine kits.
  2. Prepare the Urinator device with that urine.
  3. Keep the temperature in the green.

Sounds simple enough. It’s a bit of work to get everything in order. The best thing is that you can reuse it once you know how to use it (because we get tested more and more regularly). You get the 3 packs of powdered urine with the device to use this kit 3 times.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Urinator:

  1. Prepare the urine sample from the powdered urine kits. Basically, you have to add 3oz of warm water and shake.
  2. Use the syringe and fill the provided vinyl IV bag with about 2 1/2 or 3oz of the prepared urine sample.
  3. Remove any access air from the vinyl IV bag. Screw the cap onto the bag.
  4. Attach both 9V batteries to the bag, fold the insulating fabric blanket shut, and secure the Velcro ends.
  5. Look at the liquid crystal temperature indicator. When it hits 98°F or 100°F, you’re ready for testing. Provide the urine sample at that temperature.

In theory, it might sound a bit complex. However, when you have the whole Urinator device before you, it gets easier. Everybody pretty much knows how to put it together and how to use it. Here is one guy’s review of the Urinator:

review of how easy it is to use urinator device

So, using it isn’t all that difficult.

Verdict – Ridiculous Maybe, Effective Definitely

Given how hard it is to pass a urinary drug test, you can see that you really need a urine sample with constant energy.

The Urinator device might be silly to use, but those two 9V batteries can really keep the temperature constant, and that’s all you need.

The Urinator might be ridiculous to use, but it’s definitely effective. You can buy the whole Urinator device at TestClear.

The best thing is that you can use it 3 different times, and you can even use additional powdered urine kits for more tests.