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Toxin Rid Detox Kits Review 2024: It Works, Here’s Why

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When the now popular Toxin Rid detox kits hit the market, it was quite a sensation. Prior to Toxin Rid, everybody used detox drinks with questionable effectiveness to pass a urinary drug test. In this review of Toxin Rid kits, we’ll see why the detox kit was such an immediate success. We’ll also look into if it still works to pass a drug test in 2024.

In most basic terms, Toxin Rid is a detox program that helps you flush all the drugs out of your system significantly faster. When you have a pending drug test, time is everything. You have to get clean before the drug test or else you’ll piss hot and fail the all-important drug screening.

urine drug testing and toxin rid review
Negative urine drug test for marijuana (THC).

The question on everybody’s mind is if Toxin Rid actually works to get you clean faster. We all know how fickle the detox drinks are, why should a detox kit like Toxin Rid be any better? If it doesn’t work, there is obviously no reason why you should even begin the whole detox program.

The reason the Toxin Rid is the most popular THC detox kit is simple; because it works so well. It is intensive, it is expensive, but we’ll look into why it can significantly decrease the number of abstinent days needed to pass a drug test.

We’ll begin this Toxin Rid review by explaining what makes the detox kit truly effective. We’ll also talk about what comes in the whole Toxin Rid kit, and help you choose the most appropriate kit for you (chronic users will need a stronger kit than moderate users, for example).

Why Toxin Rid Works Much Better Than Any Detox Drink

To pass a urinary drug test, you must have zero or very low (below tests’ cut-off rate) concentration in your urine. Every method to beat a drug test – detox drinks, kit, even synthetic urine – takes that into consideration.

The drug that takes the longest to be 100% flushed out of our system is THC (found in marijuana). The best detox method would be to flush out as much of THC out of our body as possible before a drug test.

Detox drinks, for example, don’t actually do that. What they do – and why they can’t measure up to Toxin Rid detox kits – is dilute urine. Hopefully, that dilution is enough for THC concentration in urine to fall below 20 ng/ml or the cut-off rate of a drug test. In many cases, detox drinks are just not enough.

True Advantage Toxin Rid Brings

The reason why Toxin Rid was at first such a sensation is that it could actually increase the elimination of THC. The trio formula of pre-rid pills, liquid and dietary fiber that comprises the Toxin Rid can put your metabolism in the high gear.

That means more toxins will be eliminated in a shorter time period; therefore Toxin Rid (it gets rid of the toxins faster).

The true advantage Toxin Rid brings to the table is the multi-channel elimination. This might sound complex but it’s really easy to understand. THC, for example, is eliminated out of your system via:

  • Feces. In actuality, more than 60% of all THC in our system is flushed out via defecation.
  • Urine. We usually think that most THC goes out via urine. In reality, only about 20% to 30% of THC passes via kidneys and is eliminated through urination.
  • Sweating. A small percent of THC is sweated out; that’s why naturally detoxing from THC includes going to a sauna.

Most detox kits will only increase urination. Toxin Rid kits, on the other hand, fully take into account that feces production and hence elimination is the most important part of detoxifying from THC. The Toxin Rid formula increases the elimination of THC primarily via feces and secondarily via urine.

Now that we know why Toxin Rid works so well, let’s look at how it actually achieves this.

How Toxin Rid Kit Increases Metabolism; Composition Of The Kit

To understand how the increased metabolism is achieved, we have to take a look at the kits.

Every Toxin Rid kit comes with 3 specialized products:

  1. Pre-rid pills (the most important part; increases feces elimination, might even cause diarrhea).
  2. Detox liquid (similar to detox drinks, it’s just more concentrated/powerful).
  3. Dietary fiber (these suck the remaining THC in your body into small and large intestines during a drug test).

The only difference between Toxin Rid kits is the number of pre-rid pills. For example, the most powerful 10-day Toxin Rid kit comes with 150 pills in total. You have to take 15 pills per day, and it takes 10 days for a full detox. 1-day Toxin Rid kit, on the other hand, only takes 1 day and hence it comes with 15 pills.

These pre-rid pills are vital components. They increase the defecation which in turn makes you go to the toilet a lot more, and might even cause diarrhea. In the end, even diarrhea is worth it; you really can fell the pre-rid pills working.

The detox liquid is taken on the day of the drug test to dilute the urine (helpful). Similarly, dietary fiber is taken 1 hour before the drug test in order to remove all remaining THC from your urine (it captures it in the small and large intestines).

Which Toxin Rid Kit To Choose?

Once you understand how the Toxin Rid works, it’s easier to choose a kit for your specific situation. At first, most people just want the strongest 10-day Toxin Rid kit with 150 pre-rid pills, despite the almost $200 price tag. It’s better to have diarrhea for 10 days and pass a drug test, right?

10-Day Toxin Rid Kit (For Chronic Users)

It’s best to take a measured approach here. Not everybody needs the 10-day kit; it makes an absolute sense only for chronic and heavy chronic smokers who have a drug test in 10 days or less.

Of course, if you need some reassurance, the 10-day detox is the best choice as well. It is the most effective detox kit available:

best thc detox kit
10-day Toxin Rid program is the best and most comprehensive THC detox kit (comes with 150 pills in total). You can buy the Toxin Rid kit here.

The complete 10-day program involves taking 150 pre-rid pills and well as drinking over 3 gallons of water in addition to normal hydration needs. It is, however, the safest bet to pass a drug test.

5-Day Toxin Rid (For Moderate Users; The Most Popular And Best-Selling Kit)

Most people use the 5-day Toxin Rid kit. It is designed for moderate users which is what most of us actually are.

The 5-day program involves taking 15 pills a day for 5 days straight, followed by the detox liquid and dietary fiber just hours before a drug test.

Here is how the most popular and best-selling Toxin Rid kit looks like:

5 day thc detox kit with pills, detox drinks and fiber
5-day Toxin Rid detox is the most popular kit to pass a drug test. It takes only 5 days, it’s very intensive and, in effect, works very well. You can get it here.

The appeal here is the price as well. 10-day detox might cost as much as $200. A 5-day course costs about $110 which is quite a fair price.

3-Day Toxin Rid Kit (For Light Users)

Some people might only smoke a single joint and are sweating about failing a drug test. In most cases, these people are already really close to the cut-off level of standard THC drug screening tests.

Even detox drinks can help here. Nonetheless, if you need extra assurance to pass a drug test, the 3-day Toxin Rid is the most optimum choice. You can buy the kit at the official TestClear store here.

Detox Kits Are The Future; And Toxin Rid Are The Best Ones

We have come a long way from the simple detox drinks designed to pass a drug test. The detox kits that come with pills, liquids, and fiber are currently the most reliable way to pass a drug test naturally.

Toxin Rid kits are the most comprehensive ones on the market. They are both effective and trustworthy; however, do ensure you take the right kits for your specific situation.

Update: You might even see a trend where you get extra capsules or pills with the purchase of (more expensive) detox drinks. The combination of a detox drink and capsules indicates that detox drink producers want to transition to detox kits; or, at least, come close to the effectiveness of kits such as Toxin Rid kits.